wisdom from Baggio

“I was told I would never play again,” said Baggio, who scored 27 goals in 56 appearances for Italy. “I saw a lot of doctors, and they all told me that I would never play again. If I had listened to them and hadn’t listened to how I felt inside, I wouldn’t be here now. For this reason I feel that Buddhism has made me understand that I have to believe what is inside me.

“I’ve been a Buddhist for 25 years, and my life has changed completely. It has been a very positive experience for me. Everyone should find their own philosophy and do whatever makes them happy.”

Baggio is currently a free agent after leaving his position as technical director of the Italian federation in January, but the U.N. goodwill ambassador and noted humanitarian is keeping an open mind with regards to his next move.

“At this moment in my life I have nothing particular in mind,” he said. “If someone was to hire me as a manager, I wouldn’t have any particular place I would like to go or anywhere that I wouldn’t like to go. It’s not something I’ve given any thought to.”

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