Ichiro Suzuki Moves Past Pete Rose, With an Asterisk

The hit gave him 4,256 for his career as a top-level pro baseball player in both countries, tying the record total of Pete Rose, who, of course, got all of his hits in this country.

The next milestone for Suzuki is 3,000 major league hits; he needs only 21 more. He would be the 30th to get to that number, and for that milestone, the hits he accumulated in Japan will be irrelevant. There will be no debate about his achievement.

“Obviously, 3,000 is a no-doubter,” Suzuki said on Wednesday. “It’s a record here. So that’s a goal I want to achieve.”

Suzuki, who also has won 10 Gold Gloves, won his second batting title in 2004 with a record 262 hits.

"I take pride in achieving things that people first laughed at since I was a child. When I was in elementary school, my neighbor always laughed, 'Is he becoming a pro baseball player or something?' I was also laughed at for saying 'I want to be the leading batter' when I first came to America, but I achieved that twice."


"I've got this history of frustration inside me of getting laughed at, and I want to keep achieving those things."

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