Ghana outclasses Japan as Akira Nishino endures disappointing first match in charge









“Of course, with regards to the result tonight, whichever way you look at it there are things we need to work on,” said forward Keisuke Honda. “This situation that we are in didn’t begin just now. But we are looking at it like we are starting from zero and we are only looking forward.

“Not one of the players is pessimistic. Of course we feel a sense of urgency but we are thinking positively and the players are all together. We just have to prepare as well as we can.”

“I came on when the team was 1-0 down and my first thought was to score,” said Kagawa, who returned from a three-month injury layoff with club team Borussia Dortmund earlier this month. “We had chances after I came on but I couldn’t take them. There are lessons to be learned from this game.”

“Tactically the Japanese team are not a bad side when they have the ball,” said Ghana manager James Appiah. “They move very well up front but I think there were some lapses with their defending.

“I think it’s a very good exercise for the Japanese in the sense that I don’t believe in winning games before the World Cup. It’s important that you lose sometimes because you learn from your mistakes. You do it now and then the coach can learn from it and perform very well at the World Cup.”


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